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The questionable attire that this guy flamboyantly flaunts makes me wonder about him. It's been a very extremely long time since it's been fashionable for men to wear tights in public. He lustfully gazes at the peak of the staff as he holds it in his hands like a baby. What a strange fellow he is.

He wears a derby with a prominent feather to symbolize that he is an accomplished individual, despite his appearance. He may in fact be merely eccentric because of the feather in his cap. Maybe that's why he's so happy that he prances around like Peter Pan.

It is obvious that he is a proud man. He is so proud in fact that he flaunts his style topping off flaming boots and tight tights by wearing a dress and even a cape! He is a performer, that's the reason why he dresses like that, it's just part of his job. What a strange job indeed.

Upright keywords: faithful, lover, envoy, messenger, announcements, news, dedication, duty

Reversed keywords: schemes, conspiracy, bad news, indecision, instability, insecurity

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