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The 10 of Wands

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10 of Wands


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A guy comes in to steal all the staves while their owners were at lunch! This card is a reminder not to leave your stuff unattended. Now he will probably go and start his own mob of 10 men. That's what happens when people are so careless. They don't appreciate what they have until it's gone.

The thief in this card symbolizes the obvious, thievery and criminal behavior. It's a quick task that may take him only a minute to achieve, and the rewards are tremendous so it's clear why a criminal chooses a life of crime: laziness. They don't want to do all the hard work that it takes real people to build up their assets.

Upon closer inspection however, we notice that the life of a thief isn't always so easy. They have to worry about the consequences of their actions. What would happen if the mob of 9 had just came back from lunch? He has a lot to worry about. Also we can see that it is actually a very difficult task to run away while trying to carry 10 staves. He is having trouble keeping so many of them together.

Upright keywords: theft, crime, steal, take, collection, tension, focus, attention, burglar

Reversed keywords: difficulties, riddles, intrigues, analogy, mystery, clues, problems, equations

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