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Since tarot cards do not tell you the truth, we tell you upfront that they are lying to you. Do not take them as simple entertainment because they are a dangerous occult tool of the devil. They seduce victims with pleasantries but them you pay the price by becoming a slave to Satan. It is not our intention to put you on the fast track to Satan. You should take this site as a warning to your spiritual health and never use tarot cards again. We are serious. Now get the hell out of here! lol
You are still here. Okay, okay. We get it. You have to see for yourself. Understandable. We tread on thin ice with this site because of that same curiosity. But if we can do our best work by smiting the devil with a dose of his own medicine, then that is what the Lord must be telling us to do, as He wants us each to use our gifts that He gives us. Even though we put the tools of evil at your disposal, we know that there's a jillion other tarot sites doing the same thing. Only they don't warn you NOT to use their sinful devices of evil divination. We tell you flat out. This is EVIL. Use this tool for education purposes only, then never go near the tarot cards again. Get out of here for real this time. God alone will guide you to your soul mate or the money you are looking for. You don't have to sell your soul to acquire your birthright.
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