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The Knight of Wands

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Knight of Wands


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We notice from the court cards that the suit of Wands is synonymous with lizards. The fiery garb on his armor goes with the character of the suit. Also there are the pyramids of Giza in the background, for those who know geography. The pyramid, a triangle pointed upward is also the symbol for fire, as it is shaped like a flame.

Knights are mounted riders who are in pursuit of conquest and the spoils of war. This knight is certainly no Egyptian. He rides through foreign soil pillaging the land. He asserts himself with a dominant stance, his horse reared up.

The horse is just ready to spring into action. This is a card of potential energy, symbolizing a man who is ready to go. He is like the thief in the 10 of Wands but this time a thief with honor. He may be on a quest for the holy land, or at least that's what people believe about him.

Upright keywords: departure, absence, flight, emigration, a friendly neighbor, new residence

Reversed keywords: division, dispersion, interruption, discord, atonality, separation, break up

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