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The 9 of Wands

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9 of Wands


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The guy in this card has managed to once again secure the loyalty of his comrads. They are protecting him because he has been injured and he's an important member of the group. They erect a shield of staves to protect their own to give him time to heal.

He gets the respect of a soldier wounded in battle, but he secretly revels in the power they once again present him with. He knows better than to try to command the group through force, so he chooses to manipulate their sympathies. He discovers a much easier form of power to achieve, which happens to be a lot more potent too.

He doesn't even have to lift a finger to control the group, who finally has a cause to support, a reason to come together. It fills the emotional needs of those who seek control and those who seek to be controlled at the same time. The man has learned a new trick from the devil.

Upright keywords: adjournment, pause, courage, strength, endurance, fortitude, guts

Reversed keywords: obstacles, adversity, calamity, delay, suspension, dark cloud, setbacks

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