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The 3 of Swords

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3 of Swords


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The 3 swords pierce a heart as if you were to receive a Valentine's card from somebody who was breaking up with you. A storm rages in the background. This is a card of particularly evil feelings. It is the tarot deck's broken heart.

The card does not really need a description as it projects such apparent symbolism that nobody could misread it. A broken heart doesn't feel good to anybody except maybe the person who broke it. Unfortunately there are many who would love to destroy others emotionally, as if it feeds their sick satisfaction.

Where this card appears there has been an evil act that has shaken a person to their core. There is probably a profound sorrow and resentment that will linger for some time.

Upright keywords: removal, absence, delay, division, rupture, loss, dispersion, spillage, waste

Reversed keywords: alienation, error, loss, distraction, disorder, confusion, sorrow, despair, hurt

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