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The 2 of Swords

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2 of Swords


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A blindfolded woman holds 2 heavy swords forming the shape of a V. She is seated in a chair on the edge of the sea, like several cards of the Cups suit. Considering the suit this card is part of, this is probably not such a bad sign in light of the rest of the deck. She bears the burden of thought, as if she must solve a difficult math equation entirely in her head.

The wickedness of being left to the whims of one's own thoughts may be just getting started here. The picture seems to signify burdensome thoughts building inside the mind of the young woman. The more she thinks, the more trouble she creates for herself.

The only hope for this card is that she is paused, so she may stop her insane quest here before she goes too far. Where this card shows up in a reading probably says that there is a need to pause and reflect, and maybe stop whatever it is you were thinking about doing.

Upright keywords: peace, calm, quiet, content, conformity, concord, harmony, passive resistance

Reversed keywords: anxiety, imposture, falsehood, duplicity, disloyal, worry, alienation, subversive

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