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The 4 of Swords

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4 of Swords


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In the trump cards there was a card of Death, but here we have one of Death's own. A dead knight or the tomb of one is the character pictured on this card. He just lays there as if frozen in prayer. The creepy image is reminiscent of finding the ashes of a praying man in the geological excavation of the aftermath of a volcanic eruption.

Like the man, the 3 swords are not actual swords but only representations of them. Perhaps this card is a reminder of the famous words of the LORD, that he who wields the sword must be killed with the sword. Maybe that is why the swords appear to be 3 against 1.

He is laying in a holy place, as we can see by the church-like stained glass window. He may be laying in a tomb attached to the church. For the suit of Swords, this card would certainly be one of the lesser evils.

Upright keywords: vigilance, retreat, solitude, exile, ostracize, separated, alone

Reversed keywords: administration, circumspection, careful, avarice, precaution, testament

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