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The Ace of Swords

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Ace of Swords


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A creepy hand appears out of a dark cloud to begin the suit about thinking and thoughts, the Swords. All knowledge of this world is inherently evil. Swords are dangerous as the pursuit of worldly knowledge does nothing but pile evil on top of evil as if it were an unholy Tower of Babel.

Like the aforementioned story, the card shows an intellectual effort to know the heavens - the very definition of EVIL! The entire Swords suit does nothing but continual evil as it plays out, and this card is the root of it all.

The giant sword penetrates the crown in the sky as if to violate heaven. Knowledge of the heavens represents the ultimate evil. Those who seek wisdom of such are blasphemous false prophets who should be cut off from among their people at the very minimum.

Upright keywords: excessive pride, ego, self-esteem, arrogance, superior, false prophecy, self-exalted

Reversed keywords: excessive force, hatred, disaster, heavy-handed, malevolent, domineering, bully

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