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The King of Pentagrams

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King of Pentacles


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The suit of Pentagrams is not concerned specifically with money or material possessions, but it does often represent these things. It is the most wicked suit in the deck, bearing the sigil of Baphomet, the goat-headed devil that speaks for Satan. Occultists used to call upon Baphomet due to the fact that they were terrified of the devil. The cute goat was a lot easier to talk to.

Like Richard Ramirez, the king represents the Pentagram in his left hand, the hand of the devil. Those who follow the devil have certain code words for what they do so they can conspire openly. One of the code phrases for being a satanist is "the left-hand path." It looks like that's what we have here.

The king of this suit is a real slouch. He is happy with the way things are as long as he does not have to work. This is a card synonymous with the sin of sloth. Sadly the king's greatest ambition was to watch everybody else do all the work for him while he "balances the budget." He is a strong personality who acts like he carries his own weight, but he rides on the back of others.

Upright keywords: vice, weakness, ugly, perverse, corruption, peril, sloth, laziness, mismanagement

Reversed keywords: valour, ambition, business aptitude, mathematical gifts, success, acquisition

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