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The 9 of Pentagrams

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9 of Pentacles


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This card shows a wealthy woman posing in the midst of her vinyard. She is a person who has enough money that she has money working for her, but this is also what cuts her off from reality. Her own possessions are responsible for her isolation. The more they tell her what she wants to hear, the more she believes.

Everything about this scene suggests self deception, from the grape vine to the pentagrams to the parrot. Parrots only repeat what they've heard. When you keep telling youself something, you will eventually come to believe it. Obviously this does not make it any more true than before, it only makes you delusional.

The grapes and satanic sigils represent evil being intoxicating. Self deception is the same thing as following the devil's advice. It may be a lot more comfortable though, at least for the time being, to live in such luxury. The only danger is the truth that it could wash away her facade as suddenly as a sand castle at high tide.

Upright keywords: prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment, advice

Reversed keywords: rogue, deception, voided project, bad faith, trickery, cunning, manipulation

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