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The 8 of Pentagrams

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8 of Pentacles


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In the guise of artist, a man does the work of Satan. This card is a sign of excessive pride and vanity. He takes so much pride in doing the devil's deeds that his ego expands exponentially. Before he knows it, he believes himself to be a god. Unfortunately he has only risen to the height of folly.

The satanic works of the man are proudly displayed at the man's work station. He does batches of satanic sigils before distributing them to Satan's growing army of worshippers. Each work takes on a life of its own, spreading evil in a systematic web spun by the devil himself.

The devil's works could be anything intended to spread his message: any kind of art, crafts, poetry, books, movies, TV shows, new age religions, or any kinds of ideas large or small. One must be careful because in these times satanism is being sold on every street corner in all manner of packaging.

Upright keywords: work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, business, preparation, skill, labor

Reversed keywords: voided ambition, vanity, exaction, usury, cunning, ingenious, intrigue

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