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The 10 of Pentagrams

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10 of Pentacles


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The pentagrams are arranged in the form of ancient Egypt's emblem of eternal evil, the Ankh. In this scene we see a family out in front of their house. Again we have grapes and drunkenness, as is familiar with this suit. The devil of wine is known as Dionysos.

Grandpa sits out front getting drunk as usual. The scene is a happy picture of home and hearth. The little girl plays with the family dogs. The family seems to have it all; wealth, happiness, and influence. The problem is that they are a wicked family who may be close with each other, but without friends.

The 10 pentagrams represent the height of power in this suit before moving into the royal court cards. This card shows that strong families are connected with the devil. Even Christ said that he came to break up families because whoever loves their family more than God is not worthy of Him.

Upright keywords: gain, riches, family, archives, home, abode, crest, affluent, upscale, first class

Reversed keywords: gambling, fatality, loss, robbery, games of chance; sometimes- gift, dowry, pension, inheritance

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