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The 5 of Pentagrams

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5 of Pentacles


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This is a card of harm and injury. Hobbling past the blasphemous stained glass window of the satanic church, 2 dejected souls freeze their toes in the snow. Desolation, hurt, pain and suffering are the essence of this card, one of the tarot deck's most evil omens.

They have been banished. Cut off from among their people, these 2 are permanently damaged by their own follies. The harm they have caused others comes back to them. The devil's church is right there to remind them that they are that close to the fire.

It seems like the ultimate torture knowing that it could all be so easy if they just gave up and went inside. But they are strong and determined, tough enough to make it through the cold night. They are well aware that they must endure the pain if they want to go to heaven.

Upright keywords: destitution, desparation, poverty, misfortune, hard times, recession, unemployment

Reversed keywords: disorder, chaos, discord, profligacy, sickness, ruin, injury, broken, beaten

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