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The 4 of Pentagrams

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4 of Pentacles


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This is the secret side of the Emperor. He sits in front of his kingdom showing off the the head, heart, and roots of his earthly power. He is rich and powerful because of his master, the devil. The minister of evil greedily clenches the devil's symbol in his vile clutches. He is a conservative oppresser who would go to any lengths to retain his position.

He is firm in his stance, as firm of a stance as possible. The souls of his feet stand atop 2 pentagrams, signifying his permanent attachment to the devil. He has sold his soul and is now the property of Satan. Balancing atop his crown, the pentagram stands for the knowledge of this world.

Satan has been called the god of this world by some, but this is only admission of their own guilt. There shall be no other gods before the LORD. Though it is a mystery why evil is so prevalent in these trying times, we must be strong and not bow before the devil or his servants.

Upright keywords: possession, cleaving to, gift, legacy, inheritance, clenching, greed, ownership

Reversed keywords: suspense, delay, opposition, plot twist, change of plans, monkeywrench, drama

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