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The 6 of Pentagrams

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6 of Pentacles


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Mocking the scales of Justice, a satanic merchant gives money to the bums. He buys their loyalty at bargain basement prices, intending to use them as pawns. They are aware of their lowly role, yet it matters not. They have not got the self-esteem to rise any higher, and they are too cowardly and ignorant to change.

You can never make a small man big, for he will only become an educated arrogant fool. The best thing would be to teach them how to fish, but they are too dumb and lazy to learn. They would rather take the quick and easy method. They don't care that they hold themselves back. They simply have no ambition whatsoever.

Pride may be a sin, but the complete lack of pride may be just as bad. The merchant gives the impression of fairness, but this is just a facade. He is there to take advantage of people in any way he can. We can only imagine what kind of task he needs these 2 to perform. This is the card of money as the root of all evil.

Upright keywords: presents, gifts, gratification, attention, vigilance, the present time, generosity

Reversed keywords: desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion, begging, pathetic, humble, scavenging

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