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The 3 of Pentagrams

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3 of Pentacles


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The crafter from the 8 of Pentagrams is at work in the temple. He decorates the satanic ritual chamber. His work is overseen by 2 strange authority figures, a monk and a man wearing an entertainer's robe. His robe of lust is covered with lipstick stains, a clue about his secret side job. The rise of satanism has opened the door to all manner of debauchery.

Servants of the devil stand in mockery of the church. They mimic the same symbols that represent all that is good, a method of hurling childish insults at God. This card is the gate of temple of the devil. Evil men carry out their plan to open the gates of Hell.

The artisan puts the final touches on the gates. Proud devil worshippers direct the construction of the ultimate abomination. It is a sign of the times, how Satan has gained a foothold on the world by establishing his own church. God help us all.

Upright keywords: trade, skilled labour, craft, aristocracy, renown, glory, barter, work in progress

Reversed keywords: mediocre, puerility, petty, weak, lame, lousy, half-assed, flimsy, noodle-legged

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