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The Queen of Cups

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Queen of Cups


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Decked with treasure, the queen sits upon her throne at the very edge of the sea. She balances an immaculate cup in her grip, focused intently on her prize possession. Topped of with a steeple, the gaudy goblet is flanked by 2 demons in mockery of the angels.

She skries into the sinister concoction as if it contains God's wisdom. The cups are the suit of emotions, and emotions sometimes act as a kind of gut feeling or conscience which are good tidings of wisdom. Unfortunately emotions also have a negative side that can be just as potent.

As with several other Cups cards, the danger present here is that of self-deception. Emotions can provide a false sense of security. A kingdom built on emotional misconceptions is no better than a castle made of sand.

Upright keywords: distinguished woman, untrustworthy, perverse, vice, dishonor, depravity

Reversed keywords: evil eye, wicked witch, malevolent, twisted, plotting, vengeance, a woman scorned

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