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The Knight of Cups

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Knight of Cups


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A creek unwinds in the distance between flat plains and a rocky range. The Knight of Cups gracefully rides into the picture taking center stage. His helmet boasts a pair of wings, symbolic of his lofty imagination. He is a dreamer.

Like any card, his appearance can take on different meanings depending on which position he appears in the spread. He may represent a person of authority you will encounter, or he could represent you achieving a level of authority.

Mainly he is an emotional type. But he also has an influence of a lot of thinking, which brews a storm above waters that may appear calm. One moment the waters are mellow, but they are ready to go into a high tide at any minute.

Upright keywords: seduction, arrival, approach, advances, proposition, demeanour, invitation, incitement

Reversed keywords: news, message, application, artifice, reflection, meditation, taste, inclination

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