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The World

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The World

The World

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The World card tempts the reader with a vision of the gate of the Garden of Eden. The temptation is none other than an erotic dancer caught in the moment as she shamelessly flaunts her nakedness like the Whore of Babylon. The blasphemous depiction of the cherubs does not even need to be mentioned.

She twirls flaming sticks in her fingers as she seduces her master's flock in a debauched pagan satanic ritual intended to excite the members of his perverse congregation. The use of the voluptuous woman as an alter of flesh to the devil is also known as the Black Mass. The World wants you to sell your soul to its master the Devil.

The World is an illusion that is placed there to tempt us with what we know that the LORD told us not to do, even though it seems like the thing that you want the most. But the matrix is a mirage. How can one truly enter a false image?

Upright keywords: entirety, lock stock and barrel, aggregate, total, universal, fullness, wholeness

Reversed keywords: illusion, deception, invention, misconception, falsehood, myth, story

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