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The King of Wands

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King of Wands


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Here we have the lizard king sitting on his throne. He is the supreme commander of the entire suit of Wands, the dominant male of the dominant suit of the Minor Arcana. He wears a red robe, as the ruler of the suit of fire. He bears the secret occult symbol of the lizard eating its own tail.

The king sits there as if he owns the world. He appears to be more of a passionate fan of his own work than anything else. He watches the action that he has set in motion play out for his own amusement. Any people under him are his pawns.

Whatever his whims, it is certain that the people will be the ones who bear the brunt of his decisions. Where this card appears in a reading, there is a man of high influence that can not be overlooked.

Upright keywords: friendly, generally married, honest, conscientious, thoughtful, secure

Reversed keywords:
tough but fair, hard, brutal, austere, rugged, severe, stern

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