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The Fool

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The Fool

The Fool

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The Fool is exactly what you are if you are using tarot cards. This card appears as a warning that you are in danger. You better be careful. You could go right over the edge. If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?

On top of his complete disregard for the dangers that he tempts, the Fool is obviously a homosexual who is careless even when it comes to committing bestiality. He prances around in a dress and tights like a faerie, wishing that he could fall into the lap of a big macho man on his descent into deviance and debauchery.

The warning this card signifies should be heeded with extreme caution lest you end up falling into a bottomless pit with hell fire and brimstone at the bottom. You had better straighten up your ways too, gayrod. Just because everybody is gay these days doesn't mean that the LORD has changed the law. Go put on some pants.

Upright keywords: careless, flighty, hair-brained, dreamy, wreckless, happy, aloof, gay

Reversed keywords: stupid, idiot, retarded, moronic, dumb ass, imbecile, ignoramus, lemming, imbecile

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