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The Angel

The Last Judgement

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Now you've done it. The LORD has sent His angel to blast a loud horn in your ears. A bunch of naked zombies will emgerge from their tombs on the day of Judgement. This is the time when you'll pray that the mountains should fall on you to hide you from the fierce wrath of the LORD's vengeance. But it's your own fault things have turned out this way so you will just have to face the music.

Unfortunately the music for you will be a horn so loud, so annoying that you will pray the LORD strikes you deaf, but the horn does not stop blowing. Time freezes but you are the only one that seems to notice. At some point you realize that this is never going to end. It finally dawns on you that you should have never read those damn tarot cards. But it's too late now.

Upright keywords: caught cheating, guilt, correction, manifestation, recompensation, fulfillment, redemption

Reversed keywords: punishment, chastisement, affliction, retribution, mortification, prison

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