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The Sun

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The Sun

The Sun

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The Sun card has a strange image of what appears to be an extremely happy child. Riding his own pony, what kid wouldn't be elated? The child's face is like the face of the sun, which also happens to resemble all those sun flowers in the background.

The Sun boldly beams light in every direction. Everything in the world depends upon it. Those who depend upon something tend to mimic it. This card is trying to tell you to follow other gods like foolish children who idolize rock stars in their silly little dreams.

Did I forget to mention that the child is naked? What more needs to be said?

Upright keywords: jubilant, animated, glowing, overjoyed, exhilarated, enraptured, euphoric, flying high

Reversed keywords: overflowing, too much, surplus, profuse, overbearing, lavish, glut

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