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The Moon

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The Moon

The Moon

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The gate of sunset seems to be the setting for a long dark path. This card is another bad omen. It shows a treacherous road if evolution from the point of view of a low life lobster. The ridiculous ideas of evolution that are suggested by this card are meaningless. A lobster will never evolve into a human being no matter how much time passes.

A dog and a wolf show that man's best friend is sort of a creation of creative breeders, so maybe evolution makes a small amount of sense. They are trying to suggest here that man is equal to God though and this is evil. The crusty crustacean will not make it up the mountains. It will naturally sink back to the slimy abyss that spawned it. This is where the nasty thing belongs.

Upright keywords: uncertain, unknown, dark, scary, dismal, gloomy, impromptu, on the fly

Reversed keywords: delirium, paranoia, distress, hyper-alertness, pins and needles, butterflies, shaky nerves

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