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The Star

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The Star

The Star

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A nude woman has one foot on the ground and the other on the sea, like in Temperance. In fact she may be pouring out the elixers concocted in that card. She pours these two jugs out onto the land and the sea.

She is the Star empowered by Lucifer as indicated by the morning star above her. She is the servant of the figure in Temperance who reaps the fruit of the labor of Temperance. She steals the mixtures, pouring them out she symbolically intoxicates both the land and the fish.

She is only the Star because she is the one that got caught doing it. Noboby will probably ever find out who mixed the drinks because the Star isn't talking. She refuses to share the spotlight that she worked so hard to steal.

Upright keywords: diva, prima-donna, superstar, leading lady, headline, main event

Reversed keywords: overbearing, overwhelming, too much, exaggerated, disproportionate, intoxication

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