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The Hierophant

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant

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The card you see here is the Pope of the tarot trumps. He is the man who has the keys to the male secrets of creation. As the leader of the church, he is a symbol for all that is good in the tarot deck. Though his wife is a pagan heathen harlot, he is not supposed to have a wife. What? Something is wrong here. Anyway, he's supposed to be like the president of heaven, so maybe the B and J pillars are symbolic of a hidden fate.

His minions do his bidding, and they are known to have some pretty funky hairdos. This guy is basically like the Emperor, worrying more about telling people what to do than taking care of personal issues. Of course his sphere of power is different, as he governs the laws of God.

Upright keywords: understanding, wisdom, holy, spiritual, adept, astute, keen, knowing

Reversed keywords: know it all, puffed up, windbag, full of hot air, false prophet, bad news, knowledge of evil

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