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The Emperor

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The Emperor

The Emperor

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The Emperor confidently bosses everybody around while his wife hires other men to fill the role he does not fill at home. He lounges around more concerned with examining the quality of his own concubines than he is with the fact that his wife has needs of her own.

This man has a lot of power but has lost touch with the LORD's law in favor of humoring a spiritual belief in the law he has invented himself. This delusional fellow thinks that he is God and likewise that he is your boss.

You had better be careful when dealing with this guy because he really believes in himself, and therefore he is a psychopath. Let him have his hookers. The LORD will recompense the unjust.

Upright keywords: dominant, alpha male, king of the mountain, boss, imperious, high-handed

Reversed keywords: self-important, egotistical, conceited, domineering, cocky, smug, overbearing

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