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The Lovers

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The Lovers

The Lovers

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The fiery angel Lucifer gives his blessing to the Lovers. The Lovers here are none other than the first man and woman, Adam and Eve standing in the center of the Garden of Eden. Behind Adam is the tree of life. Behind Eve is the tree of wisdom bearing the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent is present to tempt Eve, causing the outcast of all mankind from the garden.

They are naked because they have not yet been tempted. Thus the Lovers card is actually a card representing purity. Unfortunately in the world of tarot cards rules are only meant to be broken and purity is only meant to be defiled. This makes the Lovers a target, a lone sheep wandering in a dark forest of predators. Today they even teach twisted dream invaders exactly how to psychically rape helpless victims in their sleep - all in a selfish effort to trick their beloved victim into loving them back.

Upright keywords: love, grace, purity, caring, tenderness, innocence, perfection, the simple life

Reversed keywords: trickery, corruption, defilement, deception, foolishness, gullible, dumb, inexperience

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