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The Empress

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The Empress

The Empress

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The Empress gets to lounge around all day by the pool on her luxiurious outdoor lazy boy in her pajamas. She just hangs out talking on her state of the art cell phone when she's not on her laptop, playing video games, or watching TV. She is like the definition of sloth, having no job nor serving any useful and holsum service in the world.

Her luxury estate is high on the hill. She is queen of the bachlorette party once a month, even though nobody ever really gets married. The more you get to know about this woman, the more layers of sin become uncovered. Her husband is a lucky man indeed.

Upright keywords: unemployment, sloth, queen, bossy, dominant, malingerer, spoiled, superior

Reversed keywords: lazy, useless, couch potato, lotus eater, slacker, condescending, sponge, good-for-nothing

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