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The 7 of Wands

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7 of Wands


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This guy apparently runs his mouth too much for his own good. He is in a position where he thinks it's alright to come down on everybody. But he quickly learns that nobody likes that. He has put himself in a position where it's 6 on 1. His chances don't look good.

So recently he was in charge, taking so much pride in his command of the others. But one too many insults has ruined the moment. Now he is at the mercy of those who he has offended. Unfortunately they are furious with his bad attitude. Fortunately they do not have stones.

Where this card appears there is someone whose arrogance has been very annoying to more than a few others. He is so obnoxious that they have ganged up on him to remove him from his lofty position. One thing is certain, he will not be commanding this group again without a miracle.

Upright keywords: valour, discussion, strife; negotiations, debate, barter, competition, success

Reversed keywords: perplexity, embarrassment, anxiety, humiliation, indecision, stumped, all but lost

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