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The 6 of Wands

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6 of Wands


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On the sixth card of the suit, the battle of the previous card has apparently been settled and there is now unity. After the 5 fools beat themselves up, one opportunist took control of the situation. This master of chaos has the power to control the fury of 5 psychotic satanists. Beware of the harbinger of woe.

An army of angry devil worshipers is the worst thing we've come across yet. Where ever this card falls, there is tons of trouble brewing up fast and furious. If you know how to stir this pot, it's time to do that and get away quick.

Notice how the master holds a staff of peace, but the only peace is the peace between devil worshipers. This is most unfortunate because now they are armed in unity. Whatever you do, don't mistake the wreath on his staff as an offer of peace. He may wave it like a white flag, but he is a follower of the master of lies.

Upright keywords: celebration, victory, triumph, spoils of war, conquest, on parade

Reversed keywords: apprehension, fear, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, indefinite delay, procrastination

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