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The 4 of Wands

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4 of Wands


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The warlock who opened the gate of Hell in the previous card, with the devil's blessing, has succeeded brilliantly. Without warning we stumble upon, of all debaucheries, the gay parade! In a world gone wild with rampant abomination of things such as tarot readings being considered alright, anything goes. How quicky does mankind sink into its own vile pits, only four ranks into the suit.

They welcome us to the parade with open arms as happy as can be. But it is the devil's parade, and what is the devil's parade but hell on earth? The tarot deck is full of such warnings, but there's always somebody who just has to violate the warning. The sad part is that he ruins it for all of us.

Now the devil's army marches proudly down the street bearing the symbols of peace and love. They take the things we hold closest to our heart and pervert it with unspeakable blasphemy. When the devil's army marches down your street, where will you be? The guy who started this whole thing ruined everything for everyone, like one bad apple spoiled the whole barrel.

Upright keywords: country life, refuge, haven, home, repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace

Reversed keywords: prosperity, increase, felicity, beauty, growth, embellishment, attractive

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