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The 3 of Wands

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3 of Wands


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With 3 wands, long staffs here, the guy in this card dares to set up a ceremonial ritual for the devil. He sets up the 3 staffs in a way as to form a doorway. He goes into character as the devil's mime, and his insane intentions are to open this imaginary door, which is in his reality a gateway to hell.

The guy in this card has become adept at black magic and should be avoided by all who wish to remain pure. He has become a master of illusion and corruption as the third rank of the suit of Wands. He has become like the devil himself, and holds the power of temptation because he has the power to manipulate reality, though he is only a legend in his own mind.

Still, the position that this card falls is a strong indicator of where the devil has sent a powerful warlock to do his bidding. The thing about conspiracy though is that it's done quietly so that it is sometimes hard to notice. Whatever position of a spread that gets this card is in peril of having all hell break loose.

Upright keywords: established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery

Reversed keywords: end of trouble, pause or cease of adversity, toil and disappointment

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