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The Ace of Wands

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Ace of Wands


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The Ace of Wands is the first card of the deck if it was arranged in chronological order. A creepy hand that must be an ancestor of The Thing emerges from a dark cloud. It seems to be offering an olive branch. The first thing that the tarot devil does is seduce you with the illusion of peace. Like the garden of Eden, those who use tarot cards are eating forbidden fruit.

The devil hands off the first wand as if it was a batton of blasphemy. Would you really want to carry out his evil? Every time you do a tarot reading you are gluttonously devouring the very fruit that the LORD specifically insisted that you NOT eat. Why don't people learn from ancient Bible history? Some people just never learn. You would be wise to just say No when the devil tempts you.

What this card is all about is the devil tempting you. Whatever position this card falls into in the reading is where the devil is at work. And this is only the beginning!

Upright keywords: creation, invention, enterprise, essence, beginning, source, birth, personal power, origin, spark

Reversed keywords: decadence, fall, ruin, perdition, to crumble or go all to pieces, bittersweet victory

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