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The 9 of Swords

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9 of Swords


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A man feels tremendous shame due to an evil succubus robbing him of the oil of gladness. The terrible trauma of having been seduced by a demon causes a profound loss of dignity. To rub it in, the nocturnal emission is so evil that it totally ruins the sheets.

The swords that are mounted above the bed are a sign of extreme cruelty. The man's soul writhes in excruciating pain and agony, humiliated by the sick pleasure that he realizes that the sin has given him. As he facepalms in disgrace, the movie of the climax of his dream replays over and over.

The evil man may have secretly enjoyed and even prayed for the succubus visit. His greatest shame is that he has been caught in this cycle of sin for ever. He pretends to repent but can't break out of the loop.

Upright keywords: suspicion, doubt, fear, guilt, shame, deception, delay, disappointment, despair

Reversed keywords: imprisonment, failure, agony, nightmare, sorrow, pain, emotional torment, self-harm, dwelling on negatives

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