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The 8 of Swords

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8 of Swords


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The 8 of Swords is a card of cruelty, bondage, and suffering. A blindfolded woman has been abducted and tied up. She stands upon the sandy forks of the delta, where the river meets the sea. She is surrounded by the 8 swords to remind her that she isn't going anywhere. In the distance a castle sits atop a high hill by the seaside.

This is a card of certain evil. Someone may have performed an evil love spell of bondage. It is not love if it seeks to capture and enslave. This is sin. It is also folly. One can not possess another person. Any desire to do such is wickedness.

It is a sign of oppression and interference. The castle on the shore taunts her with the vision of an unattainable paradise. Of course she can't see it being blindfolded, but she can certainly hear it. She is bound to her evil ways.

Upright keywords: harm, hurt, pain, possession, blindness, ignorance, masochism, torture

Reversed keywords: cruelty, bondage, oppression, evil, malevolent, sinister, sadism

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