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The Ace of Pentagrams

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Ace of Pentacles


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The evil Thing that keeps handing off the sign of each suit offers you power directly from the devil. The printer called this suit Pentacles, when it is obviously Pentagrams in reality. The material and carnal implications of this suit makes it the most wicked of all signs. Though debauchery may abound all throughout each suit of the tarot deck, much of it was concentrated into this suit by the evil mastermind of black magic, Waite.

The pentagram is the sign of the devil. It is the satanic attempt to blaspheme the holy symbol of the crucifix; it is their response to the cross. The sign was traditionally used in evil occult ceremonial rites when they used to call upon the devil in secret.

After Anton Szandor LaVey branded his satanic religion with the pentagram, it was official: Satan was now being openly worshipped. Since LaVey's death, Satanism has flourished. When this card comes up it shows the seed of evil being planted. This card represents the essence of wickedness. It brings earthly and carnal delights.

Upright keywords: contentment, felicity, ecstasy, witty intelligence, gold, carnal pleasure, seed of evil

Reversed keywords: wealth, bad intelligence, prosperity, comfort, material security, pride

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