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The Magician

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The Magician

The Magician

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As the first card in the deck, the Magician is where it all begins. People are lured by the illusionist who deceives them with petty trickery, which A.E.Waite taught all about in his Book of Black Magic. He uses the tools of the devil to mock the powers of the LORD by mimicking Him. He self-righteously believes himself to comprehend the infinite faculties of the LORD through black magic. Naturally, 9 out of 10 of these depraved idiots only dabble in black magic to get laid.

He holds the same baton that the Whore of Babylon twirls in her fingers as she dances on the World card at the opposite end of the deck. Likewise as the Magician's mate is the Whore, this will also be your fate if you play with magic. The LORD does not approve of whoring yourself to idols through the use of magic, and a whore shall receive a whore's reward.

If you choose to mimic the LORD, know that He does not consider this flattering. He shall smite thee with a curse, and you will wind up married to a cheating slut.

Upright keywords: meddling, gossip, slander, copycat, ill will, false knowledge, trickery

Reversed keywords:
black magic, misfortune, malice, evil eye, evil genius, accusation, bad omen

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