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The 6 of Cups

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6 of Cups


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Children are at play in an old garden, symbolically stopping to smell the flowers. Children are not fully responsible for their actions because they can not help the fact that they have been ingrained with original sin. They must be taught not to chase their own evil passions, but to learn the difference between righteousness and wickedness. It is up to the adult to teach them because they are incapable of figuring it out.

Children playing is a good sign, perhaps the best sign of such a wreched deck of cards. It is a happy card to occur in a reading that points to joyous times of celebration.

Depending on the circumstances, this card can be very dangerous because of the possibility of innocence being corrupted. If it comes up near such negative signs, it may be a warning to protect your children. With the most valuable possession comes the potential of the greatest loss.

Upright keywords: past, remembering, happiness, enjoyment, good times, fond memories

Reversed keywords: new friends, learning, change of environment, new experiences, growth

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