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The 5 of Cups

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5 of Cups


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Here we find a guy literally crying over spilled milk. It's his own fault that he knocked over the 3 cups and he knows it. He takes a moment to contemplate his mistake. He cloaks his face in shame because of the humiliation that sadness brings him, driving himself deeper into the downward spiral of depression.

He could have had so much more if he hadn't been so careless. The best thing he can do now is pick up the 2 and move along, but it's difficult to do so in the light of the moment. His emotions must temporarily suffer before he can pick up the pieces.

When this card comes up, it is a sign of misfortune and loss. Somebody has probably bungled something bigtime, or so this card would have you believe. The good tidings that this card shows are squandered by foolishness.

Upright keywords: loss, news, alliances, affinity, inheritance, patrimony, transmission

Reversed keywords: clumsy, stupid, careless, fool, idiot, return, false projects, bad marriage

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