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The Relationship Tarot Reading

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The Relationship Spread

The Relationship

The devil offers relationship advice like a matchmaker of lust. This Relationship spread attempts to break down the realtionship between 2 people using a scientific method of psychology. It is interpreted by analyzing the differences between the matching cards on either side of the relationship.

The first card to be seen is the significator. This card represents the overall theme and mood of the entire relationship. Next we move to interpreting the 2 columns that characterize each individual's role in the pair.

The top row shows the conscious thoughts of each person, or what they think about the relationship and their partner. The middle row, cards #6-3 show the way each individual feels about the other.

The bottom row represents the way each person acts in the relationship. The stance they take could be genuine, or maybe it is just a facade.

The Relationship Reading

  You   Other Person
Page of Swords
Ace of Swords

4 of Wands

Queen of Pentagrams
(external appearance)

6 of Cups
6 of Pentagrams


4 of Wands

The warlock who opened the gate of Hell in the previous card, with the devil's blessing, has succeeded brilliantly. Without warning we stumble upon, of all debaucheries, the gay parade! In a world gone wild with rampant abomination of things such as tarot readings being considered alright, anything goes. How quicky does mankind sink into its own vile pits, only four ranks into the suit.

They welcome us to the parade with open arms as happy as can be. But it is the devil's parade, and what is the devil's parade but hell on earth? The tarot deck is full of such warnings, but there's always somebody who just has to violate the warning. The sad part is that he ruins it for all of us.

Now the devil's army marches proudly down the street bearing the symbols of peace and love. They take the things we hold closest to our heart and pervert it with unspeakable blasphemy. When the devil's army marches down your street, where will you be? The guy who started this whole thing ruined everything for everyone, like one bad apple spoiled the whole barrel.

Upright keywords: country life, refuge, haven, home, repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace


Your Thoughts

Page of Swords

A swift runner rides a wave of expedience. He skates across the top of the land as if it were ice, making it look easy. He is active and aware. He must be on full alert because his enemies could come at him from any direction at any time.

This guy is a real jerk, which should be fairly obvious due to his apparent lack of friends and abundance of enemies. He is quick witted and sinister in his insults. He takes pleasure not only in other people's misfortunes, but in selfishly having caused their misfortune himself.

He is paranoid because that's the position he puts himself in. Ordinary people spend their lives avoiding tense situations. The Page of Swords spends his life getting into tense situations. He is a born troublemaker.

Reversed keywords: unprovoked, blindsided, cowardice, sneak attack, hit from behind, Pearl Harbor

Their Thoughts


The judge holds the scales of Justice in his left hand while brandishing a sword in the right. A judge must not only know how to interpret justice, but also how to execute judgement.

When using an accursed thing like a deck of tarot cards, you must be aware that Justice is probably not a good sign. Justice will be harsh for you if you are attempting to know God.

With all the kinds of things going on in the tarot deck as well as with the world today, Justice will be a busy man.

Upright keywords: fairness, honor, righteous, objective, trustworthy, unbiased, just, reasonable


Your Emotions

Ace of Swords

A creepy hand appears out of a dark cloud to begin the suit about thinking and thoughts, the Swords. All knowledge of this world is inherently evil. Swords are dangerous as the pursuit of worldly knowledge does nothing but pile evil on top of evil as if it were an unholy Tower of Babel.

Like the aforementioned story, the card shows an intellectual effort to know the heavens - the very definition of EVIL! The entire Swords suit does nothing but continual evil as it plays out, and this card is the root of it all.

The giant sword penetrates the crown in the sky as if to violate heaven. Knowledge of the heavens represents the ultimate evil. Those who seek wisdom of such are blasphemous false prophets who should be cut off from among their people at the very minimum.

Upright keywords: excessive pride, ego, self-esteem, arrogance, superior, false prophecy, self-exalted

Their Emotions

Queen of Pentagrams

The wicked queen's throne is decked out with satanic symbols. She holds the pentagram in her lap as if symbolically to love and nourish the antichrist. She may indeed represent the mother of the antichrist, the scarlet woman. She certainly dresses just like her.

She is fully focused on her evil intentions, whatever the abomination she holds so dear may be. The card is is sign of a woman in love with the devil. However disgusting the wretched thing she loves may seem to other people, to her it's her baby. It means the world to her.

The sun is about to set in her wild kingdom. The vine of roses shows that she is overflowing with love. Unfortuantely though she may have the best of intentions, every rose has its thorn. Just like every night has its dawn. Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.

Reversed keywords: evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, distrust, paranoid, disrespect, cowardice


Your Facade

6 of Cups

Children are at play in an old garden, symbolically stopping to smell the flowers. Children are not fully responsible for their actions because they can not help the fact that they have been ingrained with original sin. They must be taught not to chase their own evil passions, but to learn the difference between righteousness and wickedness. It is up to the adult to teach them because they are incapable of figuring it out.

Children playing is a good sign, perhaps the best sign of such a wreched deck of cards. It is a happy card to occur in a reading that points to joyous times of celebration.

Depending on the circumstances, this card can be very dangerous because of the possibility of innocence being corrupted. If it comes up near such negative signs, it may be a warning to protect your children. With the most valuable possession comes the potential of the greatest loss.

Reversed keywords: new friends, learning, change of environment, new experiences, growth

Their Facade

6 of Pentagrams

Mocking the scales of Justice, a satanic merchant gives money to the bums. He buys their loyalty at bargain basement prices, intending to use them as pawns. They are aware of their lowly role, yet it matters not. They have not got the self-esteem to rise any higher, and they are too cowardly and ignorant to change.

You can never make a small man big, for he will only become an educated arrogant fool. The best thing would be to teach them how to fish, but they are too dumb and lazy to learn. They would rather take the quick and easy method. They don't care that they hold themselves back. They simply have no ambition whatsoever.

Pride may be a sin, but the complete lack of pride may be just as bad. The merchant gives the impression of fairness, but this is just a facade. He is there to take advantage of people in any way he can. We can only imagine what kind of task he needs these 2 to perform. This is the card of money as the root of all evil.

Reversed keywords: desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion, begging, pathetic, humble, scavenging

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