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The King of Swords

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King of Swords


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This is a man who thinks he knows it all. Just because of his above average intelligence, the devil tells him that he is the smartest man alive. Consequentially he continually outsmarts himself. He insults his subjects that he hopes to teach and generally does unintentional harm in the name of good due to the sharp blade he carelessly wields.

The proverbial know-it-all has the sign of the butterfly on his throne. Also birds in the distant sky make the card symbolic of his mind being like an open sky, his thought flighty. It is fertile ground for unclean thoughts when a man's mind is too open.

An open mind invites evil deeds. Butterflies are like the way he quickly dodges any kind of accusation. They also show that he is very nervous in his demeanor, a guy who is constantly thinking. Unfortunately like his queen, his thoughts are ultimately destructive.

Upright keywords: power, command, authority, law, rank, presence, military intelligence, respect

Reversed keywords: cruelty, vulgar, perverse, barbarian, perfidy, evil intention, malice, crude

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