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The 6 of Swords

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6 of Swords


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A man takes his family on a lamentful journey. They could be going to a funeral or maybe just to the store. All the card says is the trip they are taking will be no fun.

The picture is like a recreation of the River Styx, with the father acting as the ferryman for his wife and son. All of the swords in the boat are representative of sorrow weighing heavy. The swords are excess baggage that they carry. It could also mean that they have become aware of things they should not have.

Flat calm waters are perfectly still except for their wake. A pale gray sky looms over this card which depicts a lengthly awkward silence.

Upright keywords: route, way, envoy, method, trip, journey, migration, venture, travel

Reversed keywords: bad trip, nightmare, rollercoaster, bummer, drag, downer, misfortune

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