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The 10 of Cups

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10 of Cups


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One of the few good omens of the deck is the 10 of Cups. The cups are properly laid out in heaven where they belong. The people in this card have their priorities in order. They are a happy family. The parents show a love and appreciation for the gifts of God while their children are having too much fun dancing to even notice.

It is nice to get this card in a reading, because it stands for all that is right and good. It is a world in order, a clean fun happy world which doesn't seem to belong in the deck of tarot cards. But the tarot is built on a system of weighted balances, so with all of the negativity that abounds it actually is important to have an extremely positive counterbalance.

Of the whole deck, this card brings what could be the best blessing with it. The danger that comes with the good things is that it brings the possibility of loss. With the perfect purity of this card, the position it comes up in has a lot of good tidings.

Upright keywords: contentment, home, perfection, love, friendship, security, happy

Reversed keywords: false heart, indignation, violence, destruction, anger, rage, abuse, insult

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