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The 3 of Cups

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3 of Cups


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The suit of Cups started out so pure with the Holy Grail and love, but how quickly does love go too far. The caped crossdresser disguises his manhood to make it seem okay that he's going out for a night with the girls. The real shame here may be that nobody would suspect the obvious.

An excess of love may run the risk of crossing the boundary of decency, as we see happening on this card. One woman is not enough for this fellow, who aspires to build a harem. He has a good start with these 2 young ladies as they party.

They fill their cups with the wine of excess. The days of the debauchery of the likes of King Solomon are long passed, but the spirit of such outlandish whoredoms has been reborn in recent years. Where this card comes up, it shows that there are people having too much fun.

Upright keywords: plenty, merriment, glad, victory, fulfilment, solace, celebration, rejoice, dancing

Reversed keywords: pleasure, excess, debauch, party, mena je twa, groups, intercourse, public display

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