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The Devil

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The Devil

The Devil

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Adam and Eve after their fall from ignorance are pictured on the Devil card. Under his watch they are chained up like dogs. This is the fate that the Devil wants for all of us, but lucky for us Jesus Christ is our saviour. They have taken on the traits of the Devil under his influence. They are subject to their lower nature which the Devil delights in, having kidnapped God's children.

Arthur Edward Waite, the occultist who masterminded the most infamous version of the tarot deck in history, was known to be a black magician who encouraged grave robbing and other such unthinkable crimes. He wrote all about how to do it in The Book of Black Magic.

The Devil has come to enslave you. He wants to make you a deal you can't refuse so that you wind up selling him your birthright. The Devil feasts on the souls of ignorant fools who play with tarot cards thinking they are going to one-up their fellow men. These methods only work in the short term and are certain to come crashing down on you in the end, much like the next card.

Upright keywords: obedience, slavery, servitude, oppression, carnal desires, petty concerns

Reversed keywords: torture, beatings, abuse, insults, mockery, personal vendetta, grudge, curse, torment
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