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Famine has taken over the land bringing plagues and destruction. The king has fallen dead and his subjects have come to expect the same fate. The Pope or Hierophant stands up to Death when ordinary mortals bow.

The sun is setting between the gates, symbolic of the death of another day. Death rides into town on a pale horse, but this grim reaper is waving a flag instead of a sythe. On his flag we see satanic symbols of forbidden fruit sitting inside a five-pointed flower reminiscent of the pentagram.

The Death card is the most feared card in the deck, and for obvious reasons. Who wants to find out when somebody they know is going to die? Psychic readers will tell you every time that the Death card is not bad, but this is the biggest lie they can possibly tell. How much more lying do you think they do in a reading?

Upright keywords: fear, paranoia, terror, worry, anxiety, cowardice, alarm, fright, grief, sorrow

Reversed keywords: evil omen, curse, destruction, end, finished, plague, sickness, injury, harm

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