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The Hermit

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The Hermit

The Hermit

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The Hermit is an old man who has spent too much time in the mountains talking to himself. He has clearly lost touch with reality following his own light instead of the light of Jesus. He delusionally believes himself to be God. Malnutrition is sinking in and he hasn't even cut his own hair in years.

The guy is just a loser, actually less than a loser because he quit the whole game of life. Yet he goes off to some fictional mountaintop where he is king of the world. He is master of all he sees, but his vision is skewed.

This card is much like the third trump, the Empress in its representation of Sloth as a coveted treasure. The only difference is that she is rich and he is a bum.

Upright keywords: reject, sloth, outcast, unemployment, delusional, self-deception, aberration

Reversed keywords: loser, bum, crazy, drunk, talking to yourself, hopeless, Boo Radley, reclusive, mountain man

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