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Many ask "Are tarot cards evil?" or "Is tarot evil?" If you have to ask, then you should know you've answered your own question. Tarot cards represent an evil plague brought by Satan to confound mankind with his own dastardly desires. They are a deception that pretends to foretell the future by aligning unsuspecting fools with the occult, as on free tarot sites like OccultTarot.com and Tarotica.com. People who do tarot reading crave secret information that the LORD has covered up, which would make life a breeze if they knew about everything that was going to happen before it actually happened.

Of course the devil offers this information, but do you think it will be for free? He seeks to take your soul by giving you an easy successful (but worthless) life in exchange. You should not use tarot cards because they are the devil's path straight to hell, as no good can can of them. If the pleasure seems good now, it soon won't when you're roasting over an open flame for all eternity, with only thorn bush to eat washed down with a drink of boiling water.
Satan, AKA the Devil

When people start doing tarot readings they are often told it's no big deal because it won't hurt anybody. But think about it. Would anybody be hurt if you decided to open your Christmas presents early when your family wasn't looking? That would put you at the top of Santa's naughty list for next year!

This parable says that Jehovah would not be too happy with somebody who ruins their present by doing the abominable act of looking into the future. If you should not do this because Santa will have revenge next year, then how much greater is God? The next life will be eternal hell fire and brimstone forever because you had to play the devil's game. Is it really worth the risk? Is it really worth selling your soul just to ruin your future?

Tarot is the devil's game because it is also known as the Devil's Picturebook, an accurate alias. The tarot deck is a tool invented by the devil himself to mock God -- by creating the devil's own universe in the cards. Tarot readers say that the deck is a microscopic representation of the universe, but they don't tell you that Satan is the god of their universe. In their universe God is card XV - the Devil! Yes he is right there in the deck to be worshiped and sacrificed to. And they have the audacity to portray God Jehovah in the cards on the very next card, number XVI - the Tower, as an angry LORD shooting a tower with lightning, as if He is actually the bad guy! They should realize that He only does that because they are following Satan and stirring His wrath to overflow. He did not want them building a tower to the heavens, so He struck them with confusion making them all speak in tongues. You should not make the same mistake.
When you play with tarot cards, you're playing with fire. Websites which condone free online tarot reading such as Tarotica.com strenuously insist that there is nothing wrong with occultism, but it's only a matter of time before you get burned when you tempt the LORD. He will allow Satan give you what you want, but only because it is a test. You fail when you steal the forbidden fruit that is in your tarot reading. Like when Moses talked to the burning bush, you cannot do this if you are not chosen by Jehovah to do so. Someone who uses tarot cards and claims to be a psychic is just another false prophet. These false prophets are only around all over the place in record numbers today because they have unconstitutional laws that prevent stoning and proper punishment so that such abominations can be utterly wiped out from among our people as the true and righteous, merciful God commands.

We make tarot readings available on this site only as a warning to show you how evil they really are, so that you might learn this important lesson from limited experience. The cards may be terrifying to look into as they contain visions from Hell, but they are only provided here for educational purposes. We know how curious people can be about forbidden fruit.

Dare you try a reading on this site, we will not be held responsible for the demons you will unleash to wreak havoc on your life. You must take responsibility and turn to God for forgiveness, and He will forgive. After all, it is not really a sin to want to see for yourself about the evil of tarot cards so that you can know to not believe them when an enthusiastic reader attempts to sweet talk you into committing a cardinal sin by aiding and abetting their dastardly deeds.

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